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Welcome and thank you for

visiting our website!

Our Restaurant Name is

 Yasai no niwa “Chiisanate”


It's means

Vegetable garden “Small hands”

The details are listed below.

1. Phone number: +81-985-71-2193

2. Address:

9206 Shimanouti,

Miyazaki City,Miyazaki

3. Access (The nearest station):

Hyūga-Sumiyoshi Station

(Nippō Main Line)


4. Genre: Family dining  

5. Category of cuisine:

Vegetable dishes

6. Average price: Lunch 2000 jpy

7. Hours: 11:30~15:00 

8. Closed on Sunday and Monday


9. Cards: Sorry, but we don't accept

10. Seating Capacity: 16 seats

11. Parking: available.

12. Reservation:

Reservation required 

by facebook messege


13: Language Support:

So Sorry,we can only speak Japanese.

But,we welcome

international customers

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